Thursday, June 26, 2008

progress.... small

ok I have been using google adsense now for about a year and I am currently making about 1.50 a day on it. It looks like I make more money from people searching than I do from people click on the ads that are displayed. Its about .04 cents a click some times it can get up to .35 cents a click but the searches bring in .50 sents or more per click on the search.

Damn it

well there is no real protection on your thoughts especially when your thoughts have to deal with someone elses program. craigslist now shows pictures instead of just text but its a really shitty view....

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Tinkering a while ?

after messing around for a few days trying to figure out how to get content I have discovered a way to log a few sites and so far the result has been awesome.

here is the directory that contains them.

this is a collection of pages from craigslist and from ebay after I pulled a copy of them they now became able to get scanned by bots and added to search engines. This is way cool !!

so far the total pages are over 300 and the content saved is real stuff and its starting to pop up on searches .

this week I am going to approach businesses and ask them if they want to be a part of this .