Monday, July 27, 2009

Dismiss Motion due to Statute Violations Kansas DOJ

Dismiss Motion due to Statute Violations from Terra D. morehead and Marietta Parker

how to imprison innocent people. 101 by Marietta Parker

IF anyone wants to know how to imprison innocent people this is the instructional guide on how to do it. -By Marietta Parker Federal prosecutor.

First claim they are Crazy with request for a mental evaluation. As shown below.

Marietta Parker case no 07-20124-02-JPO Guy and carrie Neighbors Motion to revoke bond Mental evaluation ...

If that don't work file another motion and claim that the defendant is a danger to the community by using the following motion.

Motion Revoke guy neighbors bond attempt #8 by Lanny D welch and marietta parker

If that Doesn't work you will need to force the defendants attorney to quit putting undue restrictions on them .

Cheryl Motion to Withdraw from the Yellow house case
vs. Case No. 07-CR-20124-CM
Cheryl Pilate, counsel for Guy Neighbors in the above-captioned case as well as Case No.
08-20105, hereby moves this Honorable Court for an order allowing her to withdraw as counsel
for Mr. Neighbors. In support of this motion, counsel states as follows:
1. Cheryl Pilate was appointed as counsel for Mr. Neighbors in November 2007. Since
that time, she has done everything possible to effectively represent Mr. Neighbors in this case
and in Case No. 08-20105. Counsel has met and consulted numerous times with Defendant and
made discovery available for inspection at counsel’s law office. Counsel has conducted
investigation, reviewed discovery, prepared outlines for motions and worked closely with Mr.
Duma and the investigators appointed to work on behalf of Mr. Neighbors and Ms. Neighbors.
2. Despite counsel’s best efforts, issues continue to arise in the case which severely
impair counsel’s effectiveness.
3. In July 2008, the government filed a motion to revoke the pretrial release of both
defendants. The hearing involved the presentation of extensive testimony as well as exhibits, and
consumed several days of the magistrate judge’s time. At the end of the hearing, Defendant was
ordered to cease and desist from writing on the Internet about the case or making any derogatory
Case 2:07-cr-20124-CM-JPO Document 164 Filed 04/27/2009 Page 1 of 4
comments regarding any witnesses, parties or attorneys involved in the action. See Doc. #118.
4. At the time of the hearing and after, counsel repeatedly advised her client to cease
making any kind of postings about the case on the Internet and to cease from making derogatory
comments about anyone connected with the case. The defendant was further advised to refrain
from taking unilateral action on the case without the advice and assistance of counsel.
5. Despite counsel’s best efforts, Internet postings have apparently continued. At this
point, counsel questions whether she can effectively represent the client.
6. The defendant has been examined and been found to be competent to assist counsel in
this matter. However, the defendant’s actions have impaired, not assisted, counsel’s work.
7. Just recently, counsel received another email from prosecutor Marietta Parker
regarding Internet postings by Mr. Neighbors.
8. In addition to the problems caused by the Internet issue, counsel’s work has been
needlessly burdened by special restrictions placed on the production of discovery. There are
literally thousands of pages of discovery and dozens of tapes, photographs and other evidence in
this case. Despite the extremely large volume of the materials to be reviewed, the prosecutors
have taken the position that a substantial portion of the written discovery cannot be provided to
defense counsel in the form of photocopies. At this point, counsel are restricted to examining the
11 looseleaf volumes of material in the prosecutor’s office. Counsel believes this restriction
unnecessarily burdens and impairs her work. Further, the restriction is completely unnecessary
because copies have been provided of hundreds of pages other reports with no problem, and there
is no possibility that the client will obtain copies of any discovery from counsel for possible use
on the Internet. Counsel has adhered to the requirement that all discovery shall be examined in
Case 2:07-cr-20124-CM-JPO Document 164 Filed 04/27/2009 Page 2 of 4
her office, and in her presence or the presence of her staff. This rule prevents any material from
leaving counsel’s office for potential posting on the Internet.
9. Given the persistent difficulties in this case and the burdens imposed by the
prosecutors with regard to the 11 volumes of discovery, counsel questions whether she can be
effective in this case, which involves meeting the constitutional and ethical obligations imposed
upon her.
10. For all of the reasons stated above, counsel seeks a hearing in which her request to
withdraw may be addressed.
WHEREFORE, for all of the above-stated reasons, Cheryl Pilate requests that this Court
hold a hearing for the purpose of considering her motion to withdraw in the above-captioned
case. She further requests that she be permitted to withdraw from the representation of
Respectfully Submitted,
/s/ Cheryl A. Pilate
Cheryl A. Pilate, KS No. 14601
142 N. Cherry
Olathe, KS 66061
Telephone: 913-829-6336
Facsimile: 913-829-6446
Attorney for Guy Neighbors
Case 2:07-cr-20124-CM-JPO Document 164 Filed 04/27/2009 Page 3 of 4
I, Cheryl A. Pilate, do certify that a true and accurate copy of the above and foregoing
motion was served electronically on the Clerk of the Court and the government pursuant to the
ECF system on this 27th day of April, 2009, and, further, that a copy of this Motion was mailed,
via first-class mail to the following non-CM/ECF participant: Guy Neighbors
/s/ Cheryl A. Pilate
Case 2:07-cr-20124-CM-JPO Document 164 Filed 04/27/2009 Page 4 of 4

missinformation in the kansas DOJ

Guy neighbors is currently in custody for his formal complaints against the federal prosecutor marietta parker. on the docket he is not listed as in custody... Why is this ?
Judge Murgias Docket with Guy neighbors and marietta parker

Sunday, July 26, 2009

prison contact information.

Leavenworth detention Center
Community corrections Corp. America
Inmate Guy Neighbors #11520031
100 Highway Ter
Leavenworth, KS 66048

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Eric H. Holder, LawrencePolice Department, Kansas Department of Justice DOJ corruption.

Police had the owners of the yellow house KICKED off E-Bay, Ebay was told the owners of the Yellow House were operating the largest Fencing operation ever in the history of Lawrence, with NO proof, and No CHARGES.

Now 15- Months later still No Proof of fencing and NO Fencing charges, Hell the cops can"t even prove any of the thousands of dollars of inventory seized was stolen.

Now we have 2-Laptop Computers missing yep Officer Bialek could not fine them in the evidence room in June of last year when a small amount of our stuff was returned. Where do you think the laptop went.

Officer Jay Bialek in front of the city attorney and our attorney and several other officers said that he would return the laptop computers two us in two weeks, that was 30-months ago.

Could the other officers that were helping Bialek give us back some of our stuff also be involved in the missing evidence.

Why did the City Attorney do nothing about the missing evidence ?
Letters from public officials and people in power stating they can do nothing in the form of over sight

Then on the 19th of Oct. Officer Bialek and Officer Mickey Rantz (aka Michael Ramsey) returned a 350.00 item to the Yellow house in a effort to question the owner with out their attorney present, and stated the reason they could return the item was because the item had not been logged in as EVIDENCE. WOW is this BREAKING THE LAW????

Transcript of Hearing & Testimony Case 07-20124-01 marietta parker US attorney Yellow house store owners

These officers stated this in front of a store full of customers and the conversation was recorded on security camera (this tape is out of town in a safe place)

Where had this item been for 30-months if it had not been logged in as EVIDENCE?
Could these dirty officers add Evidence from where ever this item had been stored for 9 months to the Yellow House evidence to make the store owners look GUILTY?

"I have down loaded the entire police policy manual, and the police procedure manual and I have read them at least 3-times and I can tell you the Lawrence Police Dept. DO NOT follow the Manual." -Guy Neighbors

" Most of the Lawrence Police dept. are stand up People.I have had some of the officers tell me that we are good people, and other officers have shook my hand with meaning." -Guy Neighbors

WE NEED A NEW LEADER FOR THE POLICE DEPT. R. OLIN needs to let some one run the police dept. who will be In tune with the public's civil and rights, and the law.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Prosecutor Corruption in the state of Kansas

Federal prosecutors in the state of Kansas are under a watch full eye. This stems from a 5 years case involving Eric Melgren, Terra d Morehead , Marietta Parker, Guy and Carrie neighbors.

This case was dropped for lack of any evidence yet 2 months after the case was dropped charges were filed again. This was after a 2 years investigation in which the Lawrence police department tried to fabricate evidence against the yellow house owners. A question one would have to ones self is why didnt the local city DA take the case ?.... because there was no case.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

more corruption in the Kansas DOJ department of Justice.

more corruption in the Kansas DOJ department of Justice.

these are the same people in the yellow house case

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Eric H. Holder Jr. was sworn in as the 82nd Attorney General of the United States

Eric H. Holder Jr. was sworn in as the 82nd Attorney General of the United States. If he was to discover what was being done in the state of Kansas by Lanny D. Welch and former state of Kansas attorney Marietta Parker I think a few federal employees including some state employees would be in deep trouble. This could be the largest corruption scandal in the history of Kansas.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Right to a speedy Trial

All Americans have the right to a speedy trial. There are 3 federal prosecutors who think they are above the law and they have denied an American has right and access to a speedy trial. GUY neighbors has been awaiting trial for this long His Federal charges have already been dropped yet the prosecutors are trying to save-face with all of the lies they have feed the judge. Whats amazing is how hard they are trying to revoke bond and get the neigbros in prison instead of trying to take them to trial. It seems like they just keep putting them in prison and then days later they are released. If te Gov't had such a strong case against Guy and Carrie neighbors then why dont they take them to trial ? Why would you need to wait almost 5 years before taking someone to trial ? I can tell you why..... They are innocent and its hard to convict innocent people in federal court. Lanny D welch, Marietta Parker, Terra D Morehead I sure hope you face the music for the crimes you have committed against innocent in the pursuit of trying to COVER your Ass.

You know with all of the money spent on trying to convict innocent people of fencing the city could have given all teachers for k-12 a 3 dollar an hour raise. There could have been a new library built but no it was spent on surveillance and raids a whole 12 of them which netted no stolen goods.

If you wish to send guy a letter. Please include a return stamp so he can reply back.

Leavenworth detention Center
Community corrections Corp. America
Inmate Guy Neighbors #11520031
100 Highway Ter
Leavenworth, KS 66048