Saturday, July 25, 2009

Eric H. Holder, LawrencePolice Department, Kansas Department of Justice DOJ corruption.

Police had the owners of the yellow house KICKED off E-Bay, Ebay was told the owners of the Yellow House were operating the largest Fencing operation ever in the history of Lawrence, with NO proof, and No CHARGES.

Now 15- Months later still No Proof of fencing and NO Fencing charges, Hell the cops can"t even prove any of the thousands of dollars of inventory seized was stolen.

Now we have 2-Laptop Computers missing yep Officer Bialek could not fine them in the evidence room in June of last year when a small amount of our stuff was returned. Where do you think the laptop went.

Officer Jay Bialek in front of the city attorney and our attorney and several other officers said that he would return the laptop computers two us in two weeks, that was 30-months ago.

Could the other officers that were helping Bialek give us back some of our stuff also be involved in the missing evidence.

Why did the City Attorney do nothing about the missing evidence ?
Letters from public officials and people in power stating they can do nothing in the form of over sight

Then on the 19th of Oct. Officer Bialek and Officer Mickey Rantz (aka Michael Ramsey) returned a 350.00 item to the Yellow house in a effort to question the owner with out their attorney present, and stated the reason they could return the item was because the item had not been logged in as EVIDENCE. WOW is this BREAKING THE LAW????

Transcript of Hearing & Testimony Case 07-20124-01 marietta parker US attorney Yellow house store owners

These officers stated this in front of a store full of customers and the conversation was recorded on security camera (this tape is out of town in a safe place)

Where had this item been for 30-months if it had not been logged in as EVIDENCE?
Could these dirty officers add Evidence from where ever this item had been stored for 9 months to the Yellow House evidence to make the store owners look GUILTY?

"I have down loaded the entire police policy manual, and the police procedure manual and I have read them at least 3-times and I can tell you the Lawrence Police Dept. DO NOT follow the Manual." -Guy Neighbors

" Most of the Lawrence Police dept. are stand up People.I have had some of the officers tell me that we are good people, and other officers have shook my hand with meaning." -Guy Neighbors

WE NEED A NEW LEADER FOR THE POLICE DEPT. R. OLIN needs to let some one run the police dept. who will be In tune with the public's civil and rights, and the law.

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