Thursday, July 2, 2009

Right to a speedy Trial

All Americans have the right to a speedy trial. There are 3 federal prosecutors who think they are above the law and they have denied an American has right and access to a speedy trial. GUY neighbors has been awaiting trial for this long His Federal charges have already been dropped yet the prosecutors are trying to save-face with all of the lies they have feed the judge. Whats amazing is how hard they are trying to revoke bond and get the neigbros in prison instead of trying to take them to trial. It seems like they just keep putting them in prison and then days later they are released. If te Gov't had such a strong case against Guy and Carrie neighbors then why dont they take them to trial ? Why would you need to wait almost 5 years before taking someone to trial ? I can tell you why..... They are innocent and its hard to convict innocent people in federal court. Lanny D welch, Marietta Parker, Terra D Morehead I sure hope you face the music for the crimes you have committed against innocent in the pursuit of trying to COVER your Ass.

You know with all of the money spent on trying to convict innocent people of fencing the city could have given all teachers for k-12 a 3 dollar an hour raise. There could have been a new library built but no it was spent on surveillance and raids a whole 12 of them which netted no stolen goods.

If you wish to send guy a letter. Please include a return stamp so he can reply back.

Leavenworth detention Center
Community corrections Corp. America
Inmate Guy Neighbors #11520031
100 Highway Ter
Leavenworth, KS 66048

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