Sunday, February 15, 2009

guy and carrie neighbors and marietta parker

Ya knowits been 4 years 2 months , marietta parker. Made a very big mistake. She thought
That if she got a criminal history on the neighbors who, at the current time have no criminal history
Thenwhenshe claimed they were fencing stolen goods she could bring up the fact they are convicted felons
The only problem is there was no evidance that even shoed they had commited any crime especially not fencing of stolen goods. If you know anything about this case you know that the
federal charges have been dropped already because of lack of evidance and and and !!!
Speedy trial violations ....... I would be willing to bet. If someone was to look hard enough into what marietta parker was doing you would find illegal activities going on
Its interesting to see a federal prosacutor cry in court and attempt to revoke the bond of guy neighbors

Not because he is a threat to society or that he has commited any Crimes
Oh no she wants him put in prison because the longer
he is free the more attention he can generate
for the case. Well marietta parker and terra d morehead your time for truth has come. If I were either of you
I would jump off the ship of lies and come clean hopefully you will get a plea deal better than the deal they keep trying to give innocent people