Friday, May 22, 2009

Marietta Parker Disputing John Duma's Withdraw in the Case

Apparently Marietta Parker Does not allow the defense attorneys to see the evidence against Guy and Carrie Neighbors as outlined in the complaints against her from the defense attorneys trying to step down from the case because they are under very restrictive rules set forward by the prosecutor, but the prosecutor does not want them to step down.

So to bring everyone up to speed If your a defense attorney you need to see the evidence against your client before you able to defend them in court. Unless your the prosecutor and you have no evidence against the defendant. So you put insane restrictions against the defense council so that they are kept from seeing you have no evidence against Guy Neighbors. When Guy Neighbors finds Asks for a trial you drop the charges then bring back the same charges again to start the clock over on the speedy trial clock. Then When Guy claims he is innocent and starts to complain about it and blogs the truth about the case the prosecutor tries to revoke his bond 6 times to get him put in prison in an attempt to stop him from alerting the public to the illegal activities of the Lawrence police Department, and the EX- acting Us attorney marietta parker and terra D morehead.

Here is the motion where Parker Tries to keep the defense attorneys on the case.

Guy Neighbors (owner of the yellow house store ) Bond Revoked !

Guy Neighbors's had his bond revoked this week due to an email he sent out to the FBI office in which he complained about lack of oversight in his case, which has been going on for 5 years now. Earlier Lawrence police complained about how Guy neighbors Blogs have caused them stress yet the same police continue to blog on the famous lawrence journal world website located here.

Interestingly enough they are quick to start blogging them selves after they claimed in a 275 page testimony that blogging was causing them undue stress. testimony located below:

The Prosecutor outlined as the reasons for Guys bond to be revoked as the following:
I had a chance to look this document over. It is all Lies I have in bold the parts from the document and a response below it.

: (4) The threat of continued criminal defamation of Government counsel and witnesses if defendant were released poses a serious risk of danger to the community.

WHAT!?..... what danger does he pose to the community. He was never a danger to the community. None of his charges included killing some one or attacking someone. He is a danger to the corrupt police community, I will admit that.

: The pretrial services report indicates defendant has a significant prior criminal record (although not as significant in many federal felony cases).

I do believe the only criminal record Guy has on his record, Or at least the only one I could find was back in 1977 when he was pulled over for driving with Expired tags and that was over 30 years ago. Criminal records are matter of public record, why would they make a lie like that so blatant do they now know you can verify this information ?

: The pretrial services report submitted in connection with earlier detention hearings indicates defendant has a history relating to drug abuse.

Guy neighbors has NO DRUG ABUSE HISTORY. pull up Guy's record there are no past arrests for drug violations.....Zero......
I wonder why they would say this ?

: (2) The record presented during earlier detention hearings indicates the Government has a fairly strong case against defendant.

This must be the reason why the gov't dropped the charges after the first 2 years. Or it could be the reason why guy has not been given a trial over the last 4 and 1/2 years..... because the gov'ts case is soooooo strong. Or maybe its because the last 5 hearings have been about the blogs and not the charges, If the case is so strong then the prosecutor should have no problem with someone claiming they are innocent and proving they are guilty.

: (1) Nature and circumstances of the offenses charged in the present case:
Conspiracy to commit wire fraud; wire fraud; and money laundering.

what happened to the rest of the charges ? I count 3 and this was supposed to be a 19 count situation.

: Alternatively, by clear and convincing evidence, the court finds that no condition or combination of conditions will reasonably assure the safety of any other person or the
community. Specifically, the court finds that defendant poses a serious risk of
ongoing criminal defamation of Government counsel and witnesses.

I never would have guessed an email can be so dangerous to the community. Everyone should stop emailing immediately !

One of my concerns is this. If all of the above statements were true then why did it take 6 attempts to revoke guys bond and in those 6 attempts there was no mention of any of the above issues.

Here is a link to the rest of the court documents which the prosecutor is angry that they are made public.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Gov't Vs Blogging

Why did the federal Government try to get Guy to stop blogging. To understand this one must look at the way the court systems work. When you go to trial your case is very public, all the information is out there for the world to see. So if you make a very public post about your thoughts in the case this causes a problem for the prosecution because if you bring up a fact that there is a reasonable doubt that you did not commit any crimes you continue to proclaim your innocents, and while doing this your labeled as crazy and people try to shut you up maybe just maybe there is a reason they are trying to shut you up. Maybe they know that your are innocent, but they cant let you go because they need someone to take the fall and if your charges have already been dropped once like in guy neighbors case. then the prosecutors could face Prison time if it is discovered that the prosecutor did in fact break the law.

Court transcripts on the neighbors case

The case with Guy and Carrie neighbors was posted online last week and its very funny stuff. Almost the entire hearing was devoted to talking about blogging and posts that were made on the internet. Apparently any one who posts anything against the prosecutors in this case, will be labeled as either Guy or Carrie them selves posting against the current case that has been going on for 5 years. The prosecutor has requested over 8 times to have the defendants bond revoked because of the public display he is making of the federal prosecutors.

here is a link to the transcripts.

Here is the latest in bond revoke requests.

Here is the motion filed by Guy's attorney this motion was to show that the prosecutor put abnormal restrictions on the viewing of evidence and was making it imposable to defend guy neighbors.