Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Guy and Carrie Neighbors Attorneys back out

The Attorneys for Guy and Carrie Neighbors have filed paper work to be excused from representing them in court. Mainly because the Prosecutor Marietta Parker has put so many limitation on seeing the evidence (that she doesn't have) against Guy and carrie neighbors that the defense attorneys can not do their jobs.

ON TOP of this the prosecutors have now filed to Revoke Guys bond for the 8th

time to sum it up, because they just don't like him And I mean Really Dont like him. If you look at the Transcript of the last time they were in court the only thing that was discussed was the blogging, Not the fact the prosecutor had no evidence that proves he committed a crime because he didn't commit any crimes. I love it 275 pages of how the police feel intimidated by blogging, because people are asking them if its true..... Wow ya know if someone says something about you on a blog and other people believe it then maybe the fact you could do what ever has been said is known. If you are known for breaking the law and someone points out that you did hell yea people are gona question you. If you are an outstanding person with good character there is no question you didnt do anything wrong.

Here is the Transcript.

Ya know its funny why is Parker trying so Hard to hide this information from the public ?? does Marietta Parker and Terra D Morehead not know that they work for the public and when they take someone to federal court everything is public record ??
How come after 4 and 1/2 years of court dates have the neighbors never had a trial ?

I really wish Marietta Parker would release information. I would really like to know why she has wasted so much of the Justice Departments money on going after guy and Carrie neighbors ?

Marietta Parker if you see this and I know you will please send me a message I really want to know why you are doing these things ?

The only Reason I can think of that Marietta Parker in the Kansas Justice Department doesn't want the dependents talking about the Case publicly is because she messed up..... and messed up bad. So go ahead Parker change the court trial date again you have done it now 13 times, trust me people are starting to notice.....