Friday, May 22, 2009

Marietta Parker Disputing John Duma's Withdraw in the Case

Apparently Marietta Parker Does not allow the defense attorneys to see the evidence against Guy and Carrie Neighbors as outlined in the complaints against her from the defense attorneys trying to step down from the case because they are under very restrictive rules set forward by the prosecutor, but the prosecutor does not want them to step down.

So to bring everyone up to speed If your a defense attorney you need to see the evidence against your client before you able to defend them in court. Unless your the prosecutor and you have no evidence against the defendant. So you put insane restrictions against the defense council so that they are kept from seeing you have no evidence against Guy Neighbors. When Guy Neighbors finds Asks for a trial you drop the charges then bring back the same charges again to start the clock over on the speedy trial clock. Then When Guy claims he is innocent and starts to complain about it and blogs the truth about the case the prosecutor tries to revoke his bond 6 times to get him put in prison in an attempt to stop him from alerting the public to the illegal activities of the Lawrence police Department, and the EX- acting Us attorney marietta parker and terra D morehead.

Here is the motion where Parker Tries to keep the defense attorneys on the case.

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