Saturday, April 5, 2008

Why am I not getting paid for things online

Ok now I know people who are looking to make a little extra cash start selling things on e-bay. The big problem is that ebay freaking charges a leg and an ARM to sell stuff on there site, Hell and they do it by nickel and dime-ing you a nickel for this a dime for that and after that they want a percentage of the sale. its becomming harder and harder to sell items on there and make a profit. Then there is this other beast called adsense from google and its where you can put ads of relevance on your site to try and sell things to users who stumble across them. To make a Long story Short I had a revelation one day what if I put adsense ads on my ebay page so I would be targeting people who were ACTUALLY going to buy something. Plus if all went well I would make more money from the Traffic that ebay generates than by selling the item because lets face it. There is only one item and it can only be sold once but, getting paid per click on an advertisement thats on that one items listing is amazing.

Here is what I did, I programmed in php a page that when the user clicks on a link it will make a copy of the page they were just on and then it will ads on to it . So far its working great because now I don't have to make the page each time a new item is listed.

here is an exampleThis page was for a set of tools

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