Saturday, November 22, 2008

Guy and carrie neighbors VS the US goverment

well folks now the Trial date has been moved yet again. I think this will be the 5 or 6th time in the last 4 years the court date has been moved. How can anyone let the federal prosecutors Terra Morehead and Marietta Parker keep working as federal prosecutors. They are blatantly breaking the law. Come on now !! how many years must a trial keep getting postponed before people realize there was no evidence that shows Guy or Carrie neighbors have committed any crimes ? The interesting thing is that the charges have been dropped twice now, thats right federal charges in federal court have been dropped twice. How many times must the charges be dropped before the prosecutors get in trouble for attacking innocent people. IF anyone knows the name , foundation ,or organization to turn these people into please let me know. IF you have had similar problems with wrong full arrest or the evidence from the evidence room disappearing please post a comment

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