Tuesday, June 9, 2009

8th Motion Used to attempt to revoke Guy Neighbors Bond.

Motion Revoke guy neighbors bond attempt #8 by Terra d morehead and marietta parker 4-27-09 Motion Revoke guy neighbors bond attempt #8 by Terra d morehead and marietta parker 4-27-09 Jones, Walker what your looking at is retaliation against Guy Neighbors. Guy Neighbors filed a complaint with the multiple state departments. In this complaint he was asking for oversight of this current court case which has lasted 4 and 1/2 years. This was a formal complaint in which he outlines how his rights have been violated. The prosecutor discovered this complaint and attempted to make it look like Guy Neighbors was blogging when in fact he was filing a formal complaint.Possiable violations are {Perjured testimony from witnesses ,False information given to Grand Jury,coerced witness information from convicted felons in return for early release. illegal search and seizure.Fabricated evidence documents.Vindictive prosecution. Right to a speedy trial violation.Search warrant violations.and more illegal activities being done by the federal prosecutors Marietta Parker US attorney of Kansas }This bond revoke attempt is a direct response to Guy Neighbors Formal complaint against the prosecutor. Now because of this complaint she is requesting Guy has a second mental evaluation. This after he already had an evaluation 1 month ago and passed.Timing: This revoke Request was filed around the same time Marietta Parker lost her position as the acting US Attorney of the state of Kansas. Public Document of this change:http://www2.ljworld.com/news/2009/may/07/ku-graduate-named-interim-united-states-attorney-k/ speculation is the reason the federal prosecutor is trying to lock up Guy and Carrie Neighbors is because if she can lock them up then get them to sign a plea deal stating they are guilty (when in fact they are innocent) in return they are free to be released she will have a conviction. If Parker can not get them to sign a plea deal and get a conviction, then the laws Parker and Associates have broken will put them in prison. There is a law in which if you are a federal prosecutor and you break the laws and the the people you are attacking are innocent and you had other reasons for going after them then finding justice you your self have broken the law and it is a felony with prison time.

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