Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Moorehead's illegal activities

1.James Beltch
2.Don Marcus Gibler
3.Lonnie Ray Teichman
4.Troy Jarrett
5.Steve Barbee
6.Darren Wilburn
7.Ahorlock Fixico
8.Ernest Martin
9.Branden Scott walker
10.Carl Ray Roubison
11.Ryan Ezell Fowler
12.Ryan Lavelle green
13.Marcus Crawford
These guys are people Moorehead uses to lie in court against people she needs to get convicted when she does not have enough evidence to get the job done, she has makes deals with these people.
They would be good people for the investigators to chat with because It’s speculated Moorehead lies all of the time and most of these people are pissed off at her for not holding up her end of the deal after these guys lie for her in important cases.
Marcus Crawford was approached by Mcatee of the lawrence police department and was asked to lie about selling the yellow house store lawrence kansas stolen property and drugs. Crazy how this information was disclosed by LPD officers who want this corruption to stop.

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