Sunday, December 28, 2008

News clipping for the yellow house store lawrence kansas

Remember the Reason they are in federal court is they were originally investigated by the IRS and the US postal service 4 years ago When those 2 agencies discovered the neighbors were doing nothing wrong they backed out of the case. The Lawrence police department now had to save face because they thought they had uncovered the largest fencing operation Lawrence Has ever seen, but in fact had the whole thing was a witch hunt. I can promise you the LPD has spent upwards in the hundreds of thousands of dollars investigating the yellow house store to only find out they haven't been breaking the law. I am going to reference the last 15 stories done by the ljworld
IF the Yellow house is committing such crimes why do the charges keep getting dropped and why has there been no trial or even a trial date set in the last 4 years. I will repeat this they have been awaiting trial for 4 years, IF the federal prosecutor had such a strong case that they were doing illegal activities why wait 4 years and still not have a trial date set………………………………………

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