Monday, December 22, 2008

we need somebody to investigate the federal prosecutors in our case for vindictive prosecution, falsifying documents, perjury, impersonating a FBI inv

The yellow house business owners Guy, & Carrie Neighbors were arrested taken to federal prison detention center (CCA, Leavenworth detention center) held for 12 days and charged with federal obstruction of justice based on a state investigation by the University of Kansas Police dept. Then the minority business owners were released and the case was dropped. Wait while in court the Kansas University Detective Mike Riner perjured himself during his testimony by stating the business owners has Not showed him the sellers forms when in fact guy and carrie neighbors had and guy and carrie neighbors also showed him several forms that had been signed by the seller in question. A family member for the defendant’s had the sellers form in court and the prosecutor did not know they were going to be provided, and after the officer lied the forms were produced and the prosecutor changed her story to say the defendants had forged all 3 of the sellers forms so the judge failed to rule on the fact that the government violated the law because the business owner informed the police he wanted to have his attorney turn over the sellers forms because the business owner did not trust the police and the fact the business owner was under several indictments the police should NOT have had any contact with the business owner. These people were arrested on federal charges when the grand jury had not met, or handed down the 5th indictment for the false obstruction charges, in fact when the officers that showed up at the business they were looking for a laptop computer that had been listed on e-bay for sale. All of the serial numbers and service tag numbers were posted in the listing on e-bay, it turns out the computer was reported stolen the day the auction ended. This item was purchased from a 55-yr. old man a Robert Samples and Mr. Sample told the officers that he did not inform the business owners the item was stolen and when the police showed up at guy and carrie neighbors business guy and carrie neighbors allowed the officer to copy the information from not just one form guy and carrie neighbors had a 2nd sellers form guy and carrie neighbors showed the officer and he copied the information from that form also. They arrested both guy and guy's wife because guy neighbors refused to give the officer the only copy of the sellers form guy and carrie neighbors had, guy neighbors informed the officer that guy neighbors would have guy's attorney provide a copy of the sellers form on the following Monday when she returned to town. guy neighbors wanted guy's attorney Cheryl Pilate to handle the transaction because guy neighbors DID NOT TRUST THE COPS and guy neighbors wanted guy's attorney to see the original form for obvious reasons. It’s just wrong what they did to guy and carrie neighbors and guy and carrie neighbors need somebody to investigate the federal prosecutors in guy and carrie neighbors case for vindictive prosecution, falsifying documents, perjury, impersonating a FBI investigation, tampering with guy and carrie neighbors discovery, covering up formal complaints filed with the Lawrence Police dept., intimidating witnesses and a host of other illegal activity.

P.S. guy and carrie neighbors have filed 9-motions in guy and carrie neighbors case because the prosecutor intimidated all of guy and carrie neighbors attorneys, several motions were for vindictive prosecution and one big motion for a change of venue and or to have the prosecutor rescued from guy and carrie neighbors case due to a direct conflict of interest because Parker is now the acting district attorney for the district of Kansas and she is the boss over 125 attorneys. Anyone can log on to the DOJ pacer web site and read guy and carrie neighbors motions they are very interesting and list complaints as exhibits from other people who claim the prosecutor is doing the same illegal acts to them, guy and carrie neighbors added the 3 other peoples complaints to show a pattern of abuse on the prosecutors part.

Sending guy and carrie neighbors to federal prison for 12 days was the prosecutors attempt to intimidate guy and carrie neighbors into taking her stupid plea deal guy and carrie neighbors refused several times because guy and carrie neighbors are not guilty.

Mr. Samples have been charged in State court for the stolen laptop he sold to the yellow house business so will this mean the business owners were unlawfully arrested and hauled off to federal prison for retaliation for standing up for their civil rights?

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