Thursday, November 5, 2009

Lanny D Welch along with Marietta Parker commit fraud against The Kansas department of Justice

Lanny D Welch along with Marietta Parker commit fraud against The Kansas department of Justice. In a 22 page opinion written by a Federal judge, the court informs the prosecutors Marietta Parker and Lanny D Welch that the continued litigation of charges against Guy and Carrie Neighbors is Illegal due to multiple Civil rights violations

In this opinion the federal judge outlines the case, then he exposes the attempts by the federal prosecutors to violate multiple civil rights held by the defendants Guy and Carrie Neighbors. The Judge then writes that any attempt to re prosecute Guy and Carrie Neighbors on the same charges which were previously dropped (due to a speedy trial Act (6th Amendment) violation committed by the prosecutor) would be inadmissible in court. The judge goes on to say there can be no Jury trial in a case with Civil rights violations.

Why would federal prosecutors Go against a judges Order and recharge Guy and Carrie Neighbors after the court has already observed and made a note that Guy and Carrie have had their Speedy trial Act Violated against them ?

Could it be due to the fact Guy Neighbors is a black man? Because currently he is in prison because the federal prosecutor lied to a federal judge and told him that Guy was a threat to the community when he filed a complaint against her at the department of justice for prosecutor misconduct.

Whats more interesting is how she(the prosecutor) had no prof that he(guy neighbors) has committed any violent acts against anyone. Guy Neighbors didn't even have as much as a parking ticket on his record in the last 27 years.

Judge LungStrums Order to Dismiss case against yellow house store owners Guy and Carrie NEighbors

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