Saturday, August 15, 2009

Federal Prosecutor Lanny D. Welch's response motion

Here is a motion in the Case against the Yellow House store Owners Guy and Carrie Neighbors. The prosecutor tries to claim that the illegal activities done by the Lawrence police department should not be allowed in the trial soon after this request the judge continued the trial date indefinitely.

Here is the motion.

Case No. 07-20124-01/02-CM response to evidence suppression

The Ruling the judge made that indefinitely continued the federal case. So there currently is NO trial Date set for Guy and Carrie Neighbors. After 5 years of waiting for a trial which was scheduled for OCT 2009 Guy and Carrie neighbors have their trial date moved to an unknown date in the future all because the prosecutor is now claiming for a second time in less than a year that the defendants are mentally incompetent to stand trial. Yet they have already had a competency test earlier in the year because she claimed they were mentally incompetent. The results of that test showed they were competent to stand trial. Lanny D Welch and Marietta Parker were at this point very scared because they can not take Guy and Carrie to trial due to all of the civil violations they have committed against Guy and Carrie Neighbors. Please keep in mind the charges were dropped back in 2007 because of the speedy trial Act.

Federal judge Carlos Murguia Judgement Order on Guy and Carrie Neighbors Case

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