Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Speedy Trial act over ruled. For Guy and Carrie Neighbors

A federal judge yesterday Ruled a continuance for a Kansas couple who have been awaiting trial for the last 5 years. Guy and Carrie neighbors Owners of the Yellow house have been accused of being at the center of the largest fencing operation of selling stolen goods in Kansas history by the Lawrence police department, yet after 5 years there has been no trial. The Neighbors maintain their innocents and claim corruption in the Lawrence Kansas police department . To which an Investigation ensued into the Lawrence police department, after the federal charges against Guy and Carrie neighbors were dismissed by a federal judge 3 years ago. This investigation was cut short after the federal prosecutor was pressured by the Lawrence police department re-file the charges against guy and Carrie neighbors in an attempt to buy time to clean up the Lawrence police department. In a recent ruling the federal judge ordered an indefinite continuance to the trial which was scheduled to take place Oct 2009.

Excerpt from motion.

The court finds that the continuance outweighs the best interests of thepublic and the defendant’s right to a speedy trial under 18 U.S.C. § 3161(h)(1)(A). The courtorders that the delay resulting from these proceedings shall be excluded, specifically the timeperiod from August 11, 2009 through the date the court conducts a competency hearing as aresult of this order for all cases, 07-20073-01,02-CM, 07-20124-01,02-CM, and 08-20105-01,02-CM as to both defendants, Carrie Neighbors and Guy Neighbors.

What this means now is no federal court trial date set for Guy or Carrie neighbors today, tomorrow, this week,this month,this year. They will be awaiting trial forever. Our 6th amendment is supposed to protect us from this.

Federal judge Carlos Murguia Judgement Order on Guy and Carrie Neighbors Case

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