Monday, August 10, 2009

The Qwest for the Truth.......

Guy and Carrie Neighbors defense counsel have filed 3-4 motions over the past 5 years to get discovery on what possible evidence the Gov't prosecutor has against the owners of the yellow house store. This is all after the federal charges were dismissed by a federal judge 3 years ago. Each time this request is made the prosecutor's answer is there is too much evidence to show....... yet there still has been no trial and the biggest issue in this case was not crimes committed but Guy Neighbors and his blogging and complaining of no oversight of the LPD and the federal prosecutor and his publicly claiming of innocents. Guy Neighbors is Currently in Prison after the prosecutor Marietta Parker tried 7 times to revoke Guy's Bond and the Reason was because of his blogging and complaining. On the 8th time She claimed he was a danger to the community even though he was not charged with a violent crime. I wonder how this Kansas man could go from a foster parent(over the last 7 years) to a danger to the community ?

Here is a motion asking for the gov't to produce the evidence.

A response to the first few request to revoke Guy's Bond

Here is another motion filed by the Defense, in this motion the defense asks for just the facts to be brought up at trial. They also ask that only the items that can be proven stolen be admissible in court this is huge because the Lawrence police Dept. claimed that Everything Seized was stolen when it was in fact not stolen but to get the case up to a federal level they had to fabricate the amount of 550,000 worth of stolen goods to have the case herd in federal court. The actual amount was $1,300.00 of items that the police staged as being stolen which is all located in their report. There were no actual items that were considered legitimately stolen items. So this entire case is based on the 1,300.00 dollars worth of merchandise the Police had a SI bring into the store and even that stuff was claimed to be not stolen by the si.....

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