Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Images of an innocent man who is wrongfully incarcerated

Here are images of an innocent man who is currently incarcerated in kansas because of emails he sent to the FBI & DOJ (department of justice) in which he complains about a federal prosecutor committing crimes against him. Guy Neighbors is trying to stand up against corruption in the Kansas Department of justice and it is no easy task.

Here is a link to the Ruling in his previous case in which the Federal charges were dismissed by a federal judge. Shortly after the ruling an investigation ensued into the Lawrence police department's possible corruption. Shortly after the investigation into the Lawrence police department started the same federal prosecutor re-indited Guy and Carrie Neighbors on the same charges they were dismissed from a week earlier. This halted the lawrence police department corruption investigation as they could now claim that the investigators where interfering with an ongoing court case and criminal investigation into "the largest fencing operation in Kansas history"- SGT. Dan Ward of Lawrence police department interview in 2006 with the Lawrence journal world.

Case No. 07-20124-01/02-CM Federal Order to Dismiss

Here is a story being done by the Kansan.com In which Guy neighbors was interviewed

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