Sunday, August 30, 2009

yellow house case

Feds allow criminal witnesses to remain free and commit crimes while out on bond in Corrupt Yellow House case

THe Federal Government is allowing criminals who have already pled guilty in Federal Court to remain free and continue to commit crimes while out on bond, just because they have agreed in a plea deal to testify against the Yellow House owners.

Lewis Parsons has violated his bond! He was caught stealing a camera from Walmart! Then he didnt report it to his probation officer. But he doesn't get his bond revoked! Stacy Barnes absconded and violated her bond several times, was detained then released!

These witnesses have already pled guilty and are getting credit for time served while out on bond, and yet they are being allowed to continue to commit crimes while waiting to be sentenced, and their sentencing dates are repeatedly continued just because they promise to testify against Carrie Neighbors at trial. This is a travisty of justice and makes a mockery of the entire justice system!

Lewis Parsons Indictment

Parsons Lewis Arrest 7-06-09

Stacy Barnes Motion for Release2

Stacy Barnes Plea Agreement

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